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Dear Reader,

Welcome to Apocalyptic Housewife's website, celebrating its eleventh anniversary! All the old links are still here, plus many new ones. If you are here for the Survival Guide, the Food Storage information, or the Planet X page, the links are above. If you are here for information about Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk, read on.

This home page has been redesigned to showcase a dangerous internet fraud. PLEASE, if you are relying on survival information from her sites, make sure you carefully research any information you might choose to use. You can also go to Earthchanges College (link above) and ask. Folks there are service oriented and will be glad to help.

I stumbled upon ZetaTalk back in 2003, after the Great White Lie had happened, when I was first researching Planet X. I became interested and followed it over the years trying to determine if it was true or not. Back then, there were enough kernels of truth to make it worthwhile pursuing. Later, in 2009, I joined (psning), a social network focusing on earth changes and a possible coming crustal poleshift, from the ZetaTalk perspective. Nancy Lieder, owner of ZetaTalk, joined within a month. This is how I unfortunately came to meet her.

In 2010, we were both made administrators of psning. Things were fine until Lieder had a meltdown over some business matters during a staff meeting. It was a jaw-dropper that was the start of some very eye-opening experiences, which were documented in the original A Modest Rebuttal. Not long after I departed poleshift.ning (because of her harassment), and started a new website at, Lieder launched a defamation campaign against me. That is what the original A Modest Rebuttal was rebutting, her malicious allegations. It piqued my curiosity as to why she was hitting me so hard, so I began researching her past on the internet. This page is the culmination of that research.

What happened to me on psning and afterward was not an anomaly because it had happened before, in another group with which Lieder was involved (links in right column). Recently, some of her original discussions on psning's administrative website from 2010 surfaced and became the basis of A Modest Rebuttal, the 2012 Update, linked at the top of the right column of this page. Let Nancy Lieder tell you, in her own words, what she's really like.

Below that link are personal testimonies of various people who worked closely with her that show what lies beneath Lieder's facade and her purported crusade to help the "common man" in the name of an alleged benevolent extra-terrestrial race from the Zeta Reticuli star system, whose emissary she claims to be. You will see behind her claim of being "service to others (STO)" and her claim of "the infallibility of ZetaTalk." Both are bald-faced lies.

Poleshift.ning started out as a good idea, but Lieder has turned it into a mind-control cult and people's lives are being negatively affected. In fact, in Co S's document (link in right column), there are allegations of her using psychological operation weapons (psyops) against her moderators and others to explain (cover up) why moderators left and why they were exposing her. She is using a psyop tactic in deceiving moderators into believing the former moderators were under "psychic attacks," that what they were saying (their confessions) were the "true lies." It sounded like her moderators had to constantly guard their thoughts against attack.

We are all designed with critical reasoning faculties. It helps us, among other things, to discern and differentiate data. One of its many benefits is detecting deception and danger. Imagine having a normal, natural critical thought and immediately having to suppress it because it was probably a "psychic attack." Scientology uses a similar tactic, though not clothed as a "psychic attack."

If you have a critical thought about Scientology it means, in the Scientology "spiritual technology" belief system, that the critical thought is emanating from something you did wrong, some crime you committed against Scientology. It's an effective tool to deflect a valid criticism against a person or organization right back onto the person and introvert them. Once your criticism is known to Scientology personnel, it begins the process of "being sent to Ethics" and having to do rigorous "ethics conditions" (that include humiliation, as well as degrading, physical work like cleaning toilets with a toothbrush and scrubbing rugs with a sock). It is also a very effective technique to get "offenders" to self-police their thoughts to avoid the degradation and humiliation (should they desire to stay in the group). And, this is just one component of mind control. There are many others. However, while the nomenclature and tactics differ, Lieder's "psychic attack" caper (used in the criminal sense) has the same effect.

As a quick aside, both groups have a "salvation" aspect which some people fear more than mind control ... being ex communicated (banned) from the group. Further, no matter how obvious an adept Lieder is at twisting the truth 180 degrees, there are always some who buy into deception no matter how much truth is presented because they want to belong so badly as it has become their reality, their life, their "tribe," thus some continue to stay under her mind control (though those numbers are rapidly diminishing).

This also lends weight to the question voiced by many people who wondered how an old lady could do everything she's done (Zetatalk is a vast body of literature). Astrophysicist Professor James McCanney believes she is a disinformation arm for NASA. See his link in the left-hand column. She slipped up one time and posted images that had NASA's imprint on them. Many people saw them (especially at, but they appear to have been scrubbed from the internet. And Lieder had moderator powers at GLP.

The Questionable ZetaTalk links are analyses I did of different aspects of ZetaTalk as I stumbled upon them. What started the analysis series was the first link, about the "winged object" captured in a SOHO image. It looked just like the object ZetaTalk had labeled Planet X. The problem, however, was twofold: (i) it was very close to the sun (instead of being in Venus's orbit, as Lieder was claiming) and, (ii) it was apparently shooting a beam into the sun. Further, more images surfaced showing the "winged object" all over the SOHO field of view. According to the Zetatalk myth, Planet X is approaching our solar system from the south, thus debunking the object as Planet X since, obviously, this object was not behaving like Planet X was posited to behave. Logically, it was behaving more like an object under intelligent control (i.e., an extraterrestrial spacecraft). See the Hellion-1957 link above. Spanish astronomers think intelligent crafts are out there, too. Anyway, when Lieder was confronted with questions about the alleged Planet X object moving so quickly, as well as above and below the ecliptic (when it had not yet risen to the ecliptic), she was quick to issue the "Bobbling Cameras" explanation. See above, left side.

So, close on the heels of discovering Lieder's true nature (service-to-self), a dark pall was suddenly cast over the truth of all of ZetaTalk. Coupled with already having witnessed her publishing false ZetaTalk on another moderator, as well as myself, it became obvious that Lieder was issuing false ZetaTalk publicly, as well.

The "Other References" links are to sources around the internet who left a trail so that those who followed would not be deceived by Nancy Lieder. I have added my voice, via this webpage, to that growing group of people, creating a compilation so her deception will no longer be so far-reaching.

I learned my lesson about the internet. Anyone can appear to be anything they want. Take nothing at face value. Do your own research and decide for yourself!