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In August, 2009, an event known as "Hellion-1957 occurred. You did not read about it in the mainstream news, nor did NASA make any announcements. Here is the proof from NASA's own images. Ctrl+ will enlarge the images, Ctrl- will shrink them.

On August 16, 2009, a large celestial object was headed at high speed towards the sun as shown on NASA's SOHO C3 camera (this is one of several cameras that record what the sun is doing twice an hour, 24/7). One poster on GLP calculated its speed as "...traveling [very] fast at 87.33 km/sec. This translates to 195,357.21 MPH." Link here. Alternate views of this image are posted here.

For those who think the object is Mercury or Venus, we don't think so. Check out the blue images below. Mercury is in the three-frame-image (with Planet X in the middle frame). That's what Mercury and Venus look like on SOHO C3, sometimes a bit bigger or a bit smaller, but nothing like the Hellion-1957 object we are currently seeing. The winged object in the middle frame is Planet X. It has been showing up on NASA imaging for over a year now, so it is not an asteroid or meteor. It has distinctive wings (composed of moon swirls) and a tail (full of asteroids, meteorites, moon swirls, gravel, dust, etc.). Currently, Planet X is about halfway between the Earth and Sun.

The above images are from NASA's LASCO C3 camera. There are also images from the C2 camera which are reddish colored. There is another set of cameras called STEREO. One camera is ahead of the Earth in her orbit and is called STEREO Ahead (or Stereo Cor2). Its images are red, as you will see below the next two diagrams below. The other camera is behind Earth in her orbit and is called STEREO Behind (or Stereo Cor1) and its images are green. This next diagram shows the positions of STEREO cameras A(head) and B(ehind). Currently, Planet X shows up mostly on Stereo Ahead Cor2.

The next diagram is the daily chart which shows the position of the STEREO cameras and is available every day here. This helps you identify what planets are in range of the STEREO cameras. Example of the July 5, 2010 chart, which shows Venus just outside camera range. Planet X and Hellion-1957 did not show up on this chart because NASA doesn't want people to know about them.

The next image, from the Stereo Ahead Cor2 camera is displayed right below, but we don't know what the "blips" are. They are in too much of a formation to be natural. Could they be UFO's lining up for ring-side seats? Some scientists think so! Keep reading and be prepared to have your mind blown!

Scientists at starviewer.wordpress.com give their opinion:

"Well, we subjected the data. ... All these photos have been removed from the NASA databases. We are open to any plausible explanation. Suffice it to say, we were left with our mouths open, and certainly we haven't closed them yet. And we are open-minded skeptics, the facts are the facts, and [we] seek explanations for them. The conclusion is that *something* out there *with intelligence* has deviated the object from its orbit. With a proton beam of 10 ^ 38 protons / sec for half an hour of exposure. And we are the first [to scientifically prove] that we are not alone in the universe."

The article goes on to show how some of the crop circles that have been appearing in various places around the world are now being matched with certain star patterns. This is heavy! Check out this link:

This next image supports the same sets-of-3 alignments in the COR2 image above:

The beam of protons referred to above:

This next image, from LASCO C2, shows a lot of activity going on. More proton beams?

More info from starviewer.wordpress.com. The translation is here: http://translate.google.es/translate?hl=es&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fstarviewer.wordpress.com%2F.

The reprint is here: "On this occasion.

Nos hemos enfrentado a un reto increíble: Estudiar los patrones de artificialidad detectados en los satélites Stereo y Lasco, así como el análisis detallado de los objetos detectados en las fotos, su comportamiento, trayectoria, análisis y verificación.

We faced an incredible challenge: To study the patterns detected in artificial satellites and LASCO Stereo, as well as the detailed analysis of the detected objects in the photos, their behavior, background, analysis and verification.

Para poder realizar este análisis hemos necesitado un trabajo ejemplar en equipo, en el que han participado más de 200 personas, 2 expertos en imágen ,dos ingenieros de telecomunicaciones, un ingeniero industrial y dos astrofísicos.

To perform this analysis we need an exemplary work as a team, which has involved more than 200 people, experts in image 2, two telecommunications engineers, an industrial engineer and two astrophysicists.

Hemos analizado y comparado patrones de más de 200 fotos de Lasco C2 y C3, así como sus correspondientes de Stereo A Cor1-2 y Stereo B Cor 1-2.

We analyzed and compared patterns of more than 200 photos of LASCO C2 and C3, as well as their corresponding A COR1 Stereo and Stereo B-2 Cor 1-2.

Para entender los datos del análisis, conviene analizar las posiciones de los diferentes satélites:
To understand the data analysis should examine what the different satellites:

a).-Posición Órbita Soho-Lasco C3: No puede determinarse exactamente: http://sci.esa.int/science-e/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=33383&fapplet=1

a) .- Position-Soho Órbita Lasco C3: It can not be determined exactly: http://sci.esa.int/science-e/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=33383&fapplet=1

b).-Posiciones Órbita Stereo: Pueden verse aquí, y seleccionarse para cada franja diaria y horaria: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/where.shtml

b) .- Positions Órbita Stereo: You can see here, and selected for each zone daily and hourly: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/where.shtml

c).-Análisis de todas las fotos reportadas : Fotos originales en el post de ayer: Enlazamos aquí, para no reiterarlas de nuevo: http://starviewer.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/nota-editorial-del-director-del-equipo-starviewer/

c) .- Analysis of all the photos reported: Pictures in the original post from yesterday: link to here, not to repeat them again: http://starviewer.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/nota-editorial-del- director-of-team-starviewer /

d).-Fotos actualmente reportadas directamente de la fuente: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/browse/2009/08/20/

d) .- Photos now reported directly to the source: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/browse/2009/08/20/

Conclusiones del estudio y análisis detallado de las fotos:
Conclusions of the study and detailed analysis of the photos:

1.-Se han detectado diversas anomalías desde el día 11 de agosto hasta las 18.30 del día 19 de Agosto.

1.-various abnormalities have been detected since the day August 11 until 18:30 on the day August 19.

Dichas anomalías se encuentran reportadas y fotografiadas en http://starviewer.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/nota-editorial-del-director-del-equipo-starviewer/

These anomalies are reported and photographed http://starviewer.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/nota-editorial-del-director-del-equipo-starviewer/

Informe-Reporte científico Oficial NASA.

Official Report, Report NASA scientist.

NASA, asegura no haber detectado ninguna anomalía en sus satélites, ni visual, ni óptica.

NASA says not detect any anomaly in its satellites, or visual or optical.

Todos los instrumentos están funcionando correctamente desde el día 16 de Agosto.

All instruments are working properly since the day August 16.

La última revisión se ha realizado el día 19 de Agosto, en el momento de la redacción de este articulo. Las condiciones de viento solar, han sido normales y la actividad solar muy baja (Según NASA) http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/today.html

The last revision was made on August 19 at the time of writing this article. The solar wind conditions were normal and low solar activity (as NASA) http://www.swpc.noaa .gov / today.html

Informe Científico -StarVieWer.Team.
Scientific Report StarVieWer.Team.

1.-Se han reportado y analizado anomalías consistentes en ARTEFACTOS, que describen movimientos autónomos incompatibles con cuerpos planetarios, cometarios y/o efectos ópticos,(Observese que han sido descartados por NASA, dichos efectos ópticos), combinados con actividad solar INTENSA , reportada durante los días 16 a 19 de Agosto, sin que a la luz de los datos podamos afirmar la procedencia de dichos objetos, sin perjucio de CERTIFICAR su ARTIFICIALIDAD , en el 80% de los casos analizados.

1.-have been reported and analyzed anomalies consisting DEVICES, describing autonomous movements incompatible with planetary bodies, comments and / or optical effects (note that had been discarded by NASA, these optical effects), combined with solar activity INTENSE, reported during days 16 to August 19, but in light of the data we can say whether these objects, without prejudice to certify its artificial, in 80% of the cases analyzed.

2.-Dicha artificialidad se pone de manifiesto en giros posicionales, formaciones y movimientos que describen trayectorias diferentes de los elementos normales, así como explosiones diferentes a las emisiones normalizadas solares, por lo que , éstas no pueden atribuirse a la actividad solar, sino que EVIDENCIAN ARTEFACTOS.

2.-The artificiality is evident in turns positional formations and movements that describe different paths of normal items as well as explosions at different solar emission standard, so they can not be attributed to solar activity, but they display devices.

3.-Estos artefactos, emiten haces luminosos, y realizan desplazamientos que Interceptan o parecen interceptar objetos de naturaleza cometaria .

3.-These devices emit light beams, and move to intercept or intercept objects appear cometary nature.

Esta afirmación está apoyada por los recientes vídeos grabados por la sonda Lunar Orbiter, que no han sido censurados.

This statement is supported by recent video recorded by the probe Lunar Orbiter, which have not been censored.

4.-Puede observarse con claridad un comportamiento de balanceo binario en la rotación solar en Stereo, Comportamiento, que lleva observándose desde el día 11 de agosto de 2009, y que ha sido corregido posteriormente en algunas de las fotos del archivo original de Stereo, con posterioridad al día 12 de Agosto, circunstancia que ha sido comprobada por este equipo de trabajo.

4.-You can clearly see a performance of swing rotation in binary solar Stereo, behavior that carries the day observed from August 11, 2009, and has subsequently been corrected in some of the photos from your original stereo days after August 12, which has been confirmed by this team.

5.-Finalmente cabe destacar como relevante, la aparición de artefactos en algunas fotos tomadas al sol, en 6 de ellas, se debía a efectos ópticos, pero en dos de ellas, las correspondientes a Baleares, la espectrografía de masas muestra que efectivamente se trata de artefactos de forma esférica.

5.-Finally it should be noted as important, the appearance of some artifacts in photographs taken in the sun, in 6 of them are due to optical effects, but two of them, corresponding to the Balearic Isles, the mass spectroscopy shows that actually trafficking of artifacts from spherical shape.

6.-Por último, hemos verificado que las fotos analizadas correspondientes a los días 11 a 16 de Agosto de 2009, han sido retocadas con un software por parte de los responsables de Stereo, y que hay varias tramas horarias que se detallan en el informe de los días 16 a 18 de Agosto que han sido saltadas de la grabación. Dichos retoques han sido posteriores a los informes que hemos emitido en esta web.

6.-Finally, we verified that the images analyzed for 11 to August 16, 2009, have been retouched with software on the part of the Stereo, and there are several time frames are detailed in the report on August 18 to 16 who have been skipped in the recording. These tweaks have been following the reports we have issued on this website.

Con fecha de 19 de Agosto, a las 18.10 de la Tarde, el Director del equipo StarViewer, fue entrevistado por la emisora Radio Libertad, en un espacio debate sobre las anomalías, y dicha retransmisión hubo de interrumpirse por un extraño fallo técnico generalizado consistente en un apagón y un fallo de las comunicaciones.

Dated August 19, at 18.10 in the afternoon, the Team Manager StarViewer was interviewed by Radio Liberty in a discussion of anomalies, and the broadcast was interrupted by a strange glitch in the generalized a blackout and a failure of communications.

Hoy jueves,de 20 de agosto a las 12.00Am, podrán escuchar el programa de radio en Directo, donde se retomará la entrevista de ayer, en la que se expondrán las conclusiones del estudio en el que hemos participado todos.

Today Thursday, August 20 at 12.00, they may listen to the live radio program, which will resume the interview yesterday, which explains the findings of the study that we have all participated.

I leave here, Aldrin interview on CNN.

Apparently, UFO's corrected the trajectory of the Hellion-1957 object back on track and it was a non-event. It was quite exciting following all the action out in space, despite NASA's attempts at camaflouging it. However, on August 22nd, sightings of moon swirl emerged.

We were warned about the Hellion-1957 event via a crop circle. See my blog for all the details: http://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/analysis-the-tidcombe-crop.





Very large proton beam?

More proton beams?

The Hellion-1957 object?

UFOs? Here to watch the show? Or are they here to help?

Verification of the objects in the image just above.

There's Planet X heading towards 4 o'clock! Note its distinctive "wings" (which are moon swirls) and its tail of moons and debris.
The tail is 5 million miles wide. It lashes about like a dog's tail, which is why sometimes Earth gets incoming junk, and then Venus does, etc.

Lots of proton beam activity. It looks like Star Wars!

Another proton beam?

More visitors? Is one of the objects Hellion-1957?

All quiet? Or is there lots of activity going on and it's been airbrushed out?
It's hard to tell, but it looks like there might be a yellowish-colored round object in the 9 o'clock flare.

Interesting white object in the 9 o'clock position (high in the flare).
It wasn't there in any other frames. Ooops, guess NASA missed that one.
Maybe it's a UFO tracking the Hellion object?

Looks like the same object, almost 3 hours later, different camera. Where did the other object go?
Interesting to note: This was the last image before LASCO C2 and C3 were shut down on 8/22/09.

Notice the large prominence in the sun and a faint roundish object below in the above image? The images from the HI1 cameras are not rotated. In this image, up is the south pole, so this prominence is emanating from the southerly part of the sun. The bright round orb with the vertical line through it is Earth.

Compare the two images below. On both 8/16 and 8/22, it looks like we had visitors. Notice on 8/16 there are four or five sets of three objects, which the scientists at starviewers.wordpress.com have identified as artificial. The UFOs seem to be lined up watching the one small bright spot, 2/3 of the distance from the edge to the center, in the 4 o'clock position. Could the small bright spot be Hellion-1957? Look back at the LASCO C3 image of 20090816 at 0318. That object is in the same approximate position as the small bright spot. Further, look at the HI1 images directly above. Remember, the south pole is up. The prominence that appears to be in the northeast section of the sun is really the southwest section. So we have three different confirmations placing the Hellion-1957 object in the approximate same location, southwest of the sun.