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Friends and Star Kids,

The following is a direct message to you from a member of Star Nations High Council who most recently served as a Watcher (observer-reporter) on Earth to Star Nations. His sage advice derives from bitter experience watching his own planet fail its Transition, and he wants us to make it through our Transition now happening on Earth. - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata:

Light Warriors,

It has been a small amount of time since I have spoken with you. It is my heart's desire that each of you is met in health and wellness of heart, mind, and body. If in any of these you lack, know the love of the Star Nations is with you in fullness.

My heart wishes to speak with you on a tender subject. I will speak with the holding of the Eagle's Feather on this as was done while I served your Home Earth as a Watcher.

In the days before the time of my service with Star Nations, the world I called home was unfound. By the time the Star Nations located our small Planet, the movement towards a collapsing sun had already begun. While we were taught many things and given instruction and advisement, our people were unable to make our transition. The transition would not have prevented the natural process of the one of two Sun Beings. But the transition would have allowed our species to move forward inside the Grand Dream of Source to further service and into our next level of Being. It is known to you that the transition failed.

The reasons for this failure are many. And the lessons of the failure have been with me in the form of lessons carried to many other worlds in service.

As I continue to observe my own brothers and sisters who call themselves Humans, I am aware of patterns which require me to share words of warning. While few might hear my words, and with some fewer the words might go further than the ears, it is my obligation to share them.

Your species are beginning to awaken to the understanding that your own transition is upon you at this time. You have started to look around and you are identifying those who are your own kind who have not acted in the interest of your whole species. Your first instinct is to bring them to a swift justice. This is fair and understandable. My words on this will be to use also the Law of Love with these items. For those who are repentant, allow forgiveness to come in totality. The one who has sinned and is truly sorry for the crimes committed will be the strongest to stand next for the rights of others. This is not to say they should not work to set right their actions. In truth, those who are in their hearts repentant will be those who will insist on making corrections as they are able.

Next, I will share that a serious error with my species was with the division of those attempting to serve and bring us through the transition. But each group had its own leader, and each leader had an idea. Some groups would talk with other groups. Some groups would not talk with any group. I will tell you that each group help a part of the whole answer. But without the groups able to share and learn the truth of this, there was no chance of our species being able to move forward as a WHOLE through our transition.

Humans are now at this same point.

Do not allow the Ego inside your Beingness to override the Wisdom and Light of your Spirit. You are all together one species in all truth. Even with the need of the Star Nations to set aside for our service to you those who are Ego from those in Awareness, you are one flesh and one blood. The transition will be or will not be for all Humans.

Learn to better work with those who are attempting to serve all. You now understand in your hearts the clarity between those who serve their own Ego and those who walk in the Awareness of Source. Use this as your benchmark for communication. Learn to listen outside the labels set upon you by the requirement of Human language. When one says to you "Last night a Gray visited me and showed me love." Do not judge with your heart "They are wrong because it was Zeta and not Gray." At this time of Human transition, there is no energy extra to spend on small matters such as a simple word or phrase. However, if one says "Last night a Zeta came to me and it hurt me." You will know what is wrong. You can then use your understanding to rightly work for your transition and say "I know Zeta. or you can say "I know one who was taught by Zeta, and Zeta do not do what you have said. The truth of this is that Ego Humans are working pretending to be Zeta and will hurt other Humans for their own agenda." Are you able to see the difference here?

Again, work in love and compassion with all others in all communications. Do not divide yourselves further apart. You must come together through understanding of your situation at hand. After you have moved into your Fifth World, that will be your time for establishment of universal Human protocol if that is still desired.

Finally, I ask of you to hold compassion for the leaders of your Light Groups. Do not be so ready to take offense if a thing is said which hurts your Ego for a short time. Please understand that this was also a point of failure for my own people. Your leaders are the same as you in many ways. They are brave to put their energy on the front line of these great battles. They are the first to take direct hits from the Ego Humans who hide their own leaders behind armies of weaker Humans who are used in slavery.

If you desire to serve your leaders, offer your own energy to shield them from your heart. They will not ask for this because they are not as the Ego Humans. But this is a thing you can do with your own freedom of will and the energy Source has given you. Your leaders are strong and they have been taught how to use gifted energy in the right manner for this transition.

When your leaders are weary from the battle, give to them the fullness of understanding and compassion. If a word is spoken by a leader who is in battle and that word is taken as being harsh against you, you must be wise to understand the entire situation. If someone is pulling a child from a burning building and you stop to ask them what time it is, do you expect them to look at their watch with a smile and answer you?

Humans have the skills and the wisdom to make it through this time. Do not allow the Ego to take from you the future you are creating. It is seen with each report to the Council by Zeta that your success is closer and more obtainable. This is not said with simple words. Understand that I speak to you as a Watcher who was shown a Planet Earth that was to fail. And now I am shown a species called Human who now have their future again in their own hands. Do not throw away your chance for any comfort of ego.

In service to Star Nations, Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata

Direct Message From Star Nations