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You become what you resist seems to be a universal law, whether within the context of a broad social movement, a group, or an entire country.

Think 1960's, how the hippies were so anti-establishment. In the 1970's, they started fading away and by the 1980's where did all the hippies go? Most returned to the "establishment," got married, got a house, got a job.

Then there is Scientology. It started out as anti-establishment, too, raging against the oppression of mankind by institutional pyschology and psychiatry, and crusading against suppressive evil government agencies like the FDA and the IRS back in the day. Time passed and it "evolved" as well. It transformed into a form of evil government, where free thought was bought with a high price (i.e., if you expressed free thought or thought outside the box, you were banned, in a very ugly way).

Now, let's look at a broader scale: America. We revolted against English rule because of the gross injustices and started a new country, based on principles of fairness and freedom. Look at the depth to which, as a country, we have fallen, how far from those principles we have strayed.

Now, how about ZetaTalk? Didn't it start out as a work for the good of common man? Didn't it even talk about independent thinking, questioning data when appropriate and how that was what all students should do, and that the bright students did? Yes, it did. See here: And what is it now? Exactly what this 1997 article warned against! Many of the bright students who were there last summer (2010) did exactly what was predicted, they left, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Those still there, according to this article, are in pain.

Once, helping the common man was the goal and encouraging people to think on their own was one of the ways ZT was trying to help. Now, it is a crime to question and the focus has become narrow and narrow minded. In the earlier days, governments were attacking and it was righteous to resist, but after battling long enough, the group started acting like evil government it was resisting ... spying, harassing, spreading disinformation, etc. It's the same old, same old ... the end justifies the means. Where did the higher values go? Where did the Zeta utopia go? What we are seeing is nothing but more of third density crapioli.

Truly, it seems that what you resist you become. Things that were meant for good eventually become corrupted. Corruption, then, seems to be cyclical, tolerated until it can't be tolerated any longer. Then change comes. Sometimes with violence (witness the Middle East today, the American revolution). It seems to be a hard reality on third density Earth.