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The recent [back before Comet Elenin broke up] debunking sessions are pushing the messages channeled from Nancy through her alleged Zetas that Elenin is nothing, that we should just ignore that comet. Their assertions that Elenin is nothing is rather amusing considering that Nancy proclaimed Hale-Bopp didn't exist and her later ZetaTalk stated it would fragment. Not only did Hale-Bopp exist, it was huge, and billions of people saw it, naked eye. And it didn't fragment. So, before you make any decision on what the anti-Elenin theorists claim, consider their source:

Wikipedia on Hale-Bopp

NYT: Comets Breed Fear, Fascination, and Websites

Mark Gingrich's Report of the Hale-Bopp Party at Nancy's (good page, 33 footnotes)

Where Do These [Planet X] Ideas Come From? (See also

Phil Plaitt's Bad Astronomy (note: Lieder is also known to edit her erroneous predictions)

Interview with James McCanney

(Jim McCanney interviewee, is an astrophysicist, fascinating read...mentions Chuck Shramek also died of the same rapid onset, lower-back cancer Dr. Harrington died from, another dead scientist and PX cover-up, among many others.)

McCanney: "The only non-NASA site that he lists is Zetatalk, which is, literally, a NASA site—the Nancy Lieder site, which was built by NASA to create more disinformation about the topic of Planet X."

(Digression, also search "plasma tubes" for some interesting information related to those filaments/tubes recently seen on the sun.) ....

"McCanney: It’s a whole consciousness thing. I keep saying, the idea of Planet X—and that’s why the government has created Nancy Lieder: because they want a date when it’s NOT going to happen. That’s why they created Enigma. They want a date, they want a time. They want to go in the newspapers and on the media and say: “Look at these crazy people. Look at all this stupid stuff that’s coming out of the Internet. Listen to us, because we’re the ones who will tell you the real story here.”

So, as you can see from the above links, there are many reasons to not believe anything Nancy Lieder says. Further, her statements to "not look at the sun" and saying that PX has been hanging out in Venus's orbit since last year can now be considered to be intentional distractions, deliberately pointing everyone in the wrong direction. Does she work for NASA? Her actions appear so. And also consider that she was caught, red-handed, for having in her possession NASA images she shouldn't have had. So, how would she come by those images if she wasn't part of the NASA team?