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Holy Warrior

sandals and sand
flowing robe and turban
kalashnikov in hand
holy warrior
rides a horse named extinction

instructed in hate
he eats naught else
vengeance his only comfort
holy warrior
rides a horse named oppression

his god death
his murders blessed
with 70 virgins in heaven
holy warrior
rides a horse named delusion

Listen to the Radio

Listen to the radio, listen night and day
Listen to the radio, as it plays
Listen to the radio, 'til my heart's content
Listen to the radio, it's my best friend

Home alone all day, home alone all night
No one to share heart secrets, drowned in red wine
But your sweet voice keeps me, feelin' alright
Helps keep far away, that ol' warden time

Listen to the radio, makes me smile
Listen to the radio, makes me rewalk the aisle
Listen to the radio, makes me pledge
Listen to the radio, to stay off that ledge

Dreaming of yesteryear, dreaming of days gone by
Makes today more bitter, when I awake back to the truth
It's a hard pill to swallow, but I swallow it every day
But you add the sugar, to help it go down smooth

Listen to the radio, play that sweet romance
Listen to the radio, salvation's second chance
Listen to the radio, weave those dreams at night
Listen to the radio, 'til the dark fades into light


If you want a glimpse of hell just turn on the evening news
murder, hunger, domestic violence, foreign wars and child abuse
Death, conflict and disease, aeons the curse of man
Ain't what he wants but what he wants he can't have . . .

Peace on Earth

Peace doesn't blow in radioactive wind
Peace doesnít lurk in nuclear armaments
Peace doesnít multiply in toxic germs
Peace hasn't been found to reside in chemical burns

Peace doesnít stroll the streets of Chernobyl and
Peace doesn't cause the cancer killing kids' thyroid glands
Imagine watching your family and friends dying, all covered in sores
Freedom we love ya but ya gotta understand WE DON'T WANT NO WAR!

Peace comes when we love our neighbor, who is anyone in need
Not just Iraqis but for any people Americans freely bleed
When we willingly lay down our lives to protect our innocent friends
Itís an act of love that can bring about Peace on Earth again.


For many years
there was a heart
that was so neglected
that weeds began to grow

But the Lord noticed
and in His love and mercy
tended it for a season
until it was healed

Then He planted
deep within that heart
a tiny little seed
of Love

And in the twinkling of an eye
that tiny little seed took root
and grew into a mighty tree
that nothing could shake

And the fruit of that tree
was love and joy
and its branches
shelter from the storm

Time could not govern its growth
for it was authored outside of Time
and Man could not judge its integrity
for creation cannot judge the Creator

But the heart knew
from the moment the seed was planted
the blessing the Lord had given

And that blessing
is my love for you


I have this trip planned
no return flight booked
one way all the way
amongst all the earthly places I have loved
when my name is called
I'll wander down country roads
through the rolling hills
into silent forests
filtering with the sunlight
through the leaves of ageless trees
flowing with the mystical river
over the rapids and behind the waterfalls
through whispering woodlands
until I finally pick up my boarding pass,
floating across that purple-shadowed valley called death
the final boarding call echoing as I soar over snow clad peaks
sparkling like diamonds in the moonlight
on my way to heaven.


I had a dream
in which I died

And in that dream
I neither laughed nor cried

I was in water
neither hot nor cold

I didn't feel fear
I no longer felt old

I was simply puzzled
as to how it could be

That I was alive and could breathe
under the sea

I was inside a house
Victorian style

Where sea horses wink and
beckon with elfish smiles

I stood at the bottom
of a long flight of stairs

When I realized I could pull myself up
by the wooden side rails

I climbed one step at a time
neither floating nor drifting away

Each step seemed to wash off
a bit more of yesterday

The higher I climbed
the lighter I became

No longer subject to the gravity
of another world's claim

I walked as easily
as if I was walking through air

Step after step
as I climbed the stairs

When I reached the top, I paused ...
contemplating from whence I had come

Down below was gloomy and murky,
a deep shade of glum

Yet when time was now
it seemed none of these

Now glided like a butterfly
on a warm summer breeze

But time passed and the butterfly
became a cold gray cocoon

What never really was
died and become entombed

At the bottom of the stairs
under the sea

Of an old Victorian house
for me to see

How could it be
that in the light all seemed right

But now sight was clearer
through the gloom of night

The fire dwindled,
went cold and was gone

And the memories that clung to it
as well passed along

When I paused to catch my breath
bubbles floated up under the sea

And a passing sea horse got caught
threw back his head and sneezed

Tiny ripples of water tickled my face
and I laughed, well pleased

For wherever I am
isn't important, you see

For wherever I am
I am still me

It was then that I awoke
and marveled at this dream

It didn't make sense
it wasn't what it seemed

Was it a ghost of the past
come back to haunt

Or was it a vision of the future
sent to daunt

It gave neither sense of dread
nor fear of death

No loss of time or space
or loved ones left

Perhaps death is nothing more
than a passing through

Of some other space and time
and phenomenological zoo

The dream never returned
so I'll never know with certainty

The meaning of the riddle
silently sleeping under the sea

The trip will blow your mind

Where meet unknown seas and wizeníd suns
and minds marching toward blank horizons;
where roaches roar and seafood screams
and captive souls dare not dream

Where leaves turn fiery with trees yet green
as you ride the high tide of a breeze unseen;
turning brown, withering, landing in a yard
raked into a pile, set ablaze and charred

Where ashes to ashes and dust to dust
mean nothing to you because the next gust
will whip you up, up, up and away
to infinity and beyond, so they say

Where terminal velocity no longer applies
moving faster and faster, you continue to fly;
and gravity can no longer hold you down
or keep you chained, eclipsed, earthbound

Where Damocletian swords hang by a hair
as you sit for hours in your chair and stare;
ready to sever old mind from new
some go in a moment, others in a few

Where truth has died, blitzed by lies
that feast like flies on its blood-spattered cadaver;
its perverted corpse melts the mind and warps
the soul pushed off the wharf, adrift forever

Where bridges are burned at critical points
when mental coup d'etats surreptitiously anoint
newly enlightened minds with how to achieve
a new civilization, simply said, the end justifies the means

Deception demands sacrifice of your personal morality
in the fiery furnace of an altered reality;
and freely it is surrendered with nonchalance,
a living sacrifice to the ersatz religious renaissance


tears will diminish
every day
for the rest of your days
only to rain
when you least expect it

tears will grow sweeter
aging in time
like a mellow wine
warming your heart
when you least expect it

tears will disappear
from memory's view
like morning dew
kissed by the sun
and you'll never know it

but one day you'll realize
the rain has moved on
beyond the soft dawn
of another day
and you can accept it


I have counted the number of wishes I have
I won't tell how many
I share my dreams with others
They say they haven't any

I have counted the number of friends I have
I won't tell how many
I share my love with others
They say they haven't any

I have counted the number of fears I have
I won't tell how many
I keep the sadness to myself
Life is hard enough