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NOTES FROM JOHN MOORE'S AUDIO OF JUNE 2009 Notes: Equatorial water bulge (500 feet above sea level, affected by rotation stoppage) Land hurricane Violent weather-related events across the country Jet stream winds coming down to the surface Timeline: Al Gore says abrupt climate changes 10-40 years in the future, this is sci fi Science fact: Continuity of Government Contingency Planning to be finished by 12/31/2009. Originally, it was 12/31/2010, but they realized they didn't have enough time. 2008 Bill Gates provides funding for seed vault CIA moving from VA to Denver right now (if 40 yrs in future, why would you move people who would be dead in 40 years, you'd do it closer to the event). Plum Island animal research owned by Gov't (off East Coast)...moving it from island to middle of most productive agricultural land on the planet. EPA had 4 libraries for internal use...scientists filed grievances you closed our libraries...we can't do our jobs...did it for cost-savings...GAO says it cost more to close the libraries than what they are saving...obviously a cover-up to move library to high ground. Vatican Library, largest collection of ancient manuscripts, summer 2008 announced we have structural problem of library and will reopen when fixed -- probably moving manuscripts to high ground. NSA moving from East Coast (Ft. Mead, MD) to metro Denver area. Back to timeline...US Gov't started building shelters in 1980's, Vatican has built shelters, Wal-Mart has built shelters for their executives too, two under-ocean cities since 1950s. US Navy says AR/MO Ozarks are safe haven, far enough away from oceans, populated with self-sufficient people, mostly Christian. Many former naval personnel live in this area. TN, KY, also safe havens. Skills: first aid and medical treatment, emergency communication. Galvanized steel trash can with tight-fitting lid makes a Faraday cage to protect electronics from EMP, also military ammo cans are good too. Need shelter from CMEs because they can kill. Earth-berm tornado shelters. Reinforced concrete and several feet of dirt. Water: first drink of dirty water leads to dysentery, dehydration, death. BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast), tea, eat things that plug you up, stay hydrated. Imodium. Colloidal silver. Hand-held nebulizers (with squeeze bulb, or even a plastic spray bottle like a plant sprayer will work) with angstrom- (sp?) sized Super Silver. Neem (sp?) Neemwick (Neemway?) Extract mixed with Super Silver. Filter your water. Katadyn good filter for the bush. Base camp filter should be Berkey or Doulton gravity feed. Have lots of paper coffee filters (1,000 or more) to pre-filter your water to preserve integrity of your main filter. Old blankets, folded up, run water through, then drip into coffee filter. Here's an audio visual of the US in a few years: US Navy says the US east coast will take damage up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs N-S on east side of the Appalachian mountains. Typically 80-100 miles from east coast. DC to Boston = one city, tens of millions of people. Going south, same damage level SC, GA, FL, with ocean coming in 100+ miles. Navy says Florida basically gone, parts of panhandle might survive, but iffy. Gulf states same shape, Navy says 1/2 gulf states will be under water, the lower half LA, MS, AL. Texas won't take as much damage in-land, water come in 75-80 miles inland. West coast not so bad, because higher elevations quickly, but many people live within 50 miles of ocean. Oregon has Cascades (all volcanoes) which could all become active. Off coast of Seattle is massive seismic problem...fault. Mississippi river will expand to 50-100 miles wide. New mouth of Mississippi will be at LA/AR line. Weight of water on New Madrid will trigger at least three 9. earthquakes. Great Lakes will become one lake, Wisconsin gone, all the way up to Hudson Bay will be one inland sea. Country will be split in two. NORTHCOM already split east and west at the Mississippi, because they knew they would have to in the future. There will absolute terror once people figure this out. On martial law: Law Enforcement will be focused on protecting critical infrastructure, stretched to the breaking point. Dams, power plants, petroleum pipelines, pumping stations, electric generating plants, airports, truck depots, railways, hubs... Other manpower devoted to densely populated urban areas. Contact John Moore Order movie 800-592-9543 website: Radio 5-6 pm central Sundays out of austin, tx (republic broadcasting) Radio M-F on microeffect out of Camei, ID Monday-Friday